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Outstanding Scooter Insurance from Rampdale! It was Quick, Hassle free and i was on my bike in no time! 

Rampdale - The Leading Independent Bike Insurance Provider

The Company was formed in 1988 by its current owner John Coates, right from scratch Rampdale’s have specialised in Motorbike and Scooter Insurance, only in later years moving into the Car and Household Insurance market offering a bespoke solution to the Customer’s needs.

We are very proud to say that over 80% of our workforce has worked at Rampdale’s in excess of six years; in fact there is a number of staff who have been here in excess of fifteen years.  So you can rest assured that anybody you are speaking to is not a telesales agent driven by a sales script but by a desire to help the customer’s .

We have always worked very closely with Motorcycle Dealerships up and down the Country not just providing competitive quotations but solutions to their Customers Insurance problems in fact we recently picked up an award by the Motorcycle Industry.

Some ten years ago when the start of the Chinese imported 50/125 Bikes and Scooters arrived on our shores we realised that the days of Honda/Yamaha and the like charging high prices for entry level machines was over.  We quickly established a database in excess of 3000 Bikes/Scooters this cannot be equalled by any other organisation, in fact quite often Insurance Companies come to us requesting help in finding specifications on a particular Bike model.

Moving on ten years most of the 50/125 market is manufactured in the Far East to a very high standard.

We were the first Insurance Broker in the United Kingdom to offer a facility for our Customers and our Motorcycle Dealers to buy and sell their Motorcycles or Scooters online free of charge.

Again we were the first Company in the United Kingdom to develop a App in the event of Motorcycle accident , that can record all your details including photos , GPS location then transmit instantly to our 24/7 accident response team to get your claim moving.

I would like to thank all my members of staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation and Customer service.


Thank you for taking time to read this and I do hope we can assist you now or in the future with your Insurance requirement.



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  • Low cost Insurance
  • Quick & Easy to Quote
  • Professional Support
  • Top Rated Legal Cover
  • 5 star Breakdown Cover

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I spoke to a Daniel who was one of the best people I've ever spoke to on the phone and for a company. My signal kept dying time and a time again but no matter what he was polite, helpful understanding and good customer service and sales.  10/10  Read More... 

Thanks again


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Our guarantee to you is that we will provide you with a cheap bike insurance quote which is clear and easy to understand at an unbeatable price! We have been the UK's leading independent Motorcycle Insurance brokers for over 26 years. You can put your trust in us to find you a cracking deal on bike insurance or scooter insurance!
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