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The earliest reference to electric motorcycles can be found as early as 1860! In the 1920s Ransoms (forklift makers) explored electric motorcycles and in the early 1940s the fuel rationing in United States is what made Earle Williams convert a motorcycle to electric power. In 1941 Fuel rationing, again, encouraged Socovel, an Austrian Company to create a small electric motorcycle – about 400 of these were manufactured. Karl Kordesch created the first Fuel Cell powered electric motorcycle in 1967 and in the same year The Indian Motorcycle company created a moped size electric motorcycle prototype called “Papoose”.

Mike Corbin set the first electric motorcycle land speed record (101 mph) in 1973 and this is when the electric scooter was actually born, created! Corbin-Gentry Inc started selling street legal electric motorcycles in 1974 and wait for it…..In 1978 an Electric Harley Davidson MK2 was created by Transitron and manufactured in Honolulu!
However it was eyeball engineering who first caught public interest – their KawaSHOCKi electric Dragbike was featured in a major magazine (1988) and 1996 saw the first mass production of electric scooters starting with the release of Peugeot Scoot’Elec. History was made in 2009 when Zero Motorcycles hosted “The 24 hours of Electricross” – an all electric dirtbike race!

An Electric Scooter will give you freedom from congestion charges, it will help your pocket as its economical to run, it will make you proud as you are helping the environment and the best thing? You will be part of History!


For a high quality motorcycle insurance at an affordable price put your trust in Rampdale to find you a competitive motorcycle insurance or scooter insurance at an unbeatable price and without compromising the quality. Rampdale will give you every thing you want and need in a unique tailor made insurance policy schedule just for you!
Our highly trained team of specialists (all motorcycle lovers and riders themselves) will compare motor bike insurance from our large database of providers to find you the best deal to suit your needs because to us each and every client is a unique individual.

We are a well respected company within the insurance industry together with a brilliant reputation. Have every confidence that we will provide you with the best possible for the least money. Get an instant online motorcycle insurance quote and instant cover twenty four hours a day or you can call 0844 815 6125 and speak to one of our specialist for a free, no obligations quote. They will listen to your needs and find you a policy that will meet all your requirements and unlike other companies they will not talk you into extras you don’t need!

Rampdale’s Motorcycle Insurance Policy includes:
• Easy payment options
• Amazing rates for riders with zero no claims bonus
• Motorcycle modifications and customisations covered
• Multibike policy – all your motorcycles on one insurance
• Motoring convictions covered
• Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft motorbike insurance and Third Party Only motorbike insurance available on all ASA bikes

Rampdale’s Motorcycle Insurance Policy also offers optional extras:
• Legal Cover
• Personal Injury Cover
• Breakdown Cover

We also offer a range of Motorcycle Insurance to include Discounts:
• Limited mileage discount
• Security precautions
• Motorcycles kept in garage
• Riding experience
• Multi-bike
• Female riders

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